Friday, 2 November 2012

The Camper Van Cook Book

I was given a brilliant book for my Birthday given to me by my good friend Becca (the author of ‘Does Becca Love?’ blog and the same person to inspire me to do the Day Zero project 101 list!), so thank you Becca even though you shouldn’t have! :) Despite feeling under the weather herself she is always doing things for other people which is why we love her so!

The book is The Camper Van Cookbook and is an excellent read, it’s actually so much more than a recipe book and actually gives you tips on owning and servicing a camper as well as places to stay and things to do! It’s really aimed at VW camper owners but then the same principles apply to any vehicle, and we sympathise with the issues of owing a ‘classic’ camper as Waki is now 27 years old herself!

The book shows you games to play and songs to sing when bored on the journey or if the weather is bad, it lists the authors (and friends’) favourite camp sites, ‘pick your own’ farms, tips for attending festivals or going surfing amongst so many other topics! Oh and of course there are some great looking recipes designed for easily cooking in a camper or outside.

Happy Halloween, The Night of Endings & Beginnings!

Halloween brings change, it is traditionally the end of the wheel of seasons and the beginning of another turn and that has certainly been the case this year. I use it as a time to analyse what has happened in the year, and to think what I am going to do next.
I also carve cooking apples instead of pumpkins! Well, we already know I'm a bit weird! :)
They're excellent for spookily-lighting small spaces.
I have now left my job as a salesperson (Hello to my loyal Rajapack followers! I do miss you already!), and am starting a new part time job picking plumbing parts! The intention is to use the extra time I'll have to go and make my crafts and create my artwork, and getting selling at some local fairs and markets. Ryan is also making the switch and will be putting his mechanical and crafty talents to use, and it will be great to spend the time with him again.

Our plan is that The Waki Way will be our chance to really enjoy life and do what we've always wanted which is to be ourselves, together, and to work for ourselves. This past year I have really come to understand that life is so short and we can't waste a second being unhappy or resenting anything at all! It's scary yes, but then it's a fun challenge and I'm stubborn enough to make it work!

So if there is anything that you resent doing or being, change it - FAST! Who knows if we will ever get a second chance at anything we let pass us by?