Monday, 3 June 2013

Beautiful Bathroom

Who says that you can't have a little luxury in a 1m square bathroom? I've been longing to have the bathroom finished and properly working and I got to use the shower for the first time on Saturday night - this girl knows how to party huh?

We had ripped the old shower tray out after a failed attempt at repairing it, and decided to make a new one from scratch. In a way it was best that we did as it worked out that the floor was more rotten than we had previously thought in there, so now it has a nice new and much more stable plywood floor.

Ryan done a fantastic job tiling it all using some mosaic sheets, and even included a swish little strip of tiles behind the toilet to finish it off :)

We have a little cream bathroom mat which is normally left in the shower tray to keep our feet warm and dry when we're not using the shower, and when we are it's simply popped outside the door so that we can step out onto something drying when we're done.

There was a bit of a gap left next to the toilet which needed to be covered with plastic sheeting, and not wanting to waste any precious storage space I discovered it was just about big enough to fit a toilet roll into! Ryan devised a platform inside and a little door on the front so we can get into it when we need to, it turns out that we can store perfectly 9 loo rolls in there - how lucky was that?!

My birthday present mirror is now in place on the wall and beams some colour into the room, along with the bamboo pattern shower curtain. As it was a full size curtain I had to cut it down to size and re-hem it but with plenty of fabric left I also made a small curtain for the window for some extra privacy. The bathroom window is very well frosted but I still wanted something else there just in case - we don't want to get into trouble for public indecency when we're on the road!

To top it all off we now also have a neat little corner sink in place, a wire rack to hold our shampoos etc, a shiny new shower set and beautiful mixer taps to run it all (big thanks to my Step-Dad Richard for gifting us those!). Ah luxury!

Sunday, 2 June 2013


We had the good fortune of a few days of sunshine late in March and April so Ryan got to work on Waki's paintwork. She was literally peppered with holes and we have been gradually filling and protecting areas with duct tape which had left her looking very shabby indeed. So Ryan bought a compressor and smoothed the fillered areas down and applied several layers of white metal paint with a roller. He also managed to get another coat of paint on the roof so that's finally got a good weather seal on it.

This is really a base coat to protect the body and there is still much more smoothing work and dent removal to be done. The immediate result though was fantastic! No more grubby beige and brown flakiness but an expanse of clean fresh white!

We plan to use a nice white car paint for the final finish, and Ryan's already very handy with a spray gun what with his previous experience painting cars and aeroplanes :) We both agree that she needs some sort of coloured stripes or a design down the sides to break up the white a bit, but we can't yet agree on what yet...