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My name is Sarah Hamer and I am an Artist and crafty person (though I do also work Part-Time for now to pay the bills!), and my partner Ryan Clack is a mechanic (among many talents as you can see!) with a crafty side too.

We are in the process of completely changing our lives to live permanently in a motorhome in the UK, something that probably sounds awful to most people but that suits me and Ryan down to the ground. We are both enthusiastic bush-crafters and love camping, hiking, woodworking and pretty much anything that allows us to enjoy being in contact with dear old Mother Nature for an extended period.

We have been together for over 10 years already, but only 2 years in came the realisation that we would never afford to save up a deposit for a house whilst renting, and as we have always been horrified at the thought of spending at least 25 years after that owing money to someone else for a pile of bricks we started looking at alternative housing options. Our friends introduced us to the world of Narrowboats and that became the dream for a long while, though life’s twists and turns wouldn’t let us get there either. We then came to realise that a motorhome is by far the cheapest option and gives us the freedom we want, and that you don’t necessarily need to be sleeping in a layby somewhere with the multitude of cheap campsites and quiet hidden car parks throughout the country.

We had been renting a particular house for only a year when the owner decided that we were not able to renew our tenancy for the next year and so we were faced with either using up the little amount we'd managed to save up so far on credit checks for another rental house or jumping into the dream NOW! And what's wrong with now anyway? So we began searching for that one vehicle we will want to call home, on a budget of only £3000!
Waki The Motorhome

So we found Waki the motorhome, well 'Old Rusty' she was known as before us but we're going to change that! See post Introducing Waki.

And if you still don't quite get it, read post Why!? for a more detailed explanation into why we felt we needed to do this!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you feel inspired to let a little of The Waki Way into your life too! :)

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